State Order

State Order

The Armenian Red Cross Society’s Gratsia International Rehabilitation Center offers rehabilitation program in the framework of the state order for the diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which includes physiotherapeutic rehabilitation services such as mud therapy, hydro therapy, electro therapy, kinesio therapy and massage.

The admission in the framework of the state order is held according to the initial registration, for which the patient’s presence and the following medical documents are is mandatory:

  1. Identity document and social card.
  2. Diagnosis document(epicrisis, research results like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), X-ray examination, etc. /
  3. Fresh ECG with cardiologist’s conclusion
  4. General and Biochemical Blood Surveys
  5. Common survey of urine
  6. Free medical treatment referral given by the polyclinic.
  • Submit a document confirming the state order.
  • The referral is made only in the absence of medical contraindications.

All documents must be within the deadlines set by law. Additional documents will also be required if it will be necessary.