Hydro massage is a kind of massage that is perform by a water flow.

Wealthy people resorted to hydro massage already in ancient Rome and in ancient Egypt.
In addition to the fact that a hydro massage itself is a pleasure for a person, there are a number of indications for carrying out this procedure:

Stress and depression
– Insomnia
– Decreased immunity
– Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
– Obesity, cellulite (metabolic disorders)
– Chronic fatigue syndrome
– Sexual disorders
-Even more…

Hydro massage is also successfully used for the prevention of many diseases, for example, such as a hernia of the spine. It should be remembered that the hydro massage cannot cure the disease itself, however, it will undoubtedly bring relief.

So there are the following types of hydro massage:

-Air massage
-water massage
-Chariot’s shower
-Magneto therapy and vibrating baths
-Ultrasonic hydro massage
-Cardiovascular diseases
-Skin infections
-Urologists disease
-Inflammatory and infectious diseases

Mud treatment
So mud treatment is an effective method of treatment, during which natural resources are used. The use of mud treatment was known in ancient Egypt. Mud treatment is recommended for diseases of the musculature system, rheumatism, gynecological diseases in women, rheumatism and many others.
Mud therapy in Armenia is widely developed.The therapeutic mud in contact with the skin creates tactile, chemical contact, which leads to beneficial effects on the body.
Therapeutic mud are differentiated in composition and properties.

There are several types of therapeutic mud:
-Clayey silt
-Sapropel mud
-Sulfide mud

-Increased temperature
-Some types of cardiovascular diseases

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