The cause of the fracture can serve not only a hit or some external effect but also some diseases. These diseases make a person suffer from an increased fragility of bones.
A fracture is a violation of the integrity of the bone. And it is justly consider a serious trauma.
Opened, closed
The absence of damaged skin
With displacement, without displacement
Complete, incomplete – dividing the bone into several parts (more than two) or breaking the bone

No one is immune to a fracture neither youngsters nor elderly people. And consequently, each person should have an idea of the fracture symptoms, as well as how to organize the first aid to the injured person.
What symptoms should lead us to the idea that the victim may have a fracture?


Pain arising from palpation
The function of the injured organ is broken: when a leg is injured, a person can neither walk nor stand on a bruised leg; broken ribs are accompanied by difficulty in breathing;
Trauma of the spine – complete or partial loss of motor function
Forms of the damaged limb can be deformed
Possible abnormal immobility of the injured arm or leg, not characteristic in a healthy state
If while walking a crunch of rubbing bone is heard.

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